Having a problem with your toilet? Check below for helpful tips to quickly fix the problem:
 Problem: Toilet handle sticks, or is hard to push
Try: Adjust lift wires
 Problem: Toilet handle is loose
Try: Adjust the handle and reattach lift chain or lift
 Problem: Toilet will not flush at all
Try: Adjust lift chain or lift wires so it hangs straight, with 1/2 inch slack
 Problem: Toilet overflows or flushes sluggishly
Try: Clear clogged toilet by plunging
Problem: Toilet runs continuously
Try: Adjust lift wire/chain
 If problem with toilet persists please submit a maintenance request, stating the problem and the steps that have already been taken.

 Kitchen/ Tub Drains:

If the kitchen or tub drains water slowly, you may want to:
  1. Pour boiling water directly into drain to help melt away blockages
  2. Plunge
  3. Remove hair or other debris clogging the drain
 If drain does not seem to clear up, please submit a request stating the steps you have taken and any chemical cleaners you may have used to unclog the drain.

 Garbage Disposal:

Some of our apartments are equipped with garbage disposals; here are a few reminders to ensure proper usage:
  1. Avoid placing a large amount of food in disposal and then turning it on
  2. Make sure not to place hard or fibrous items in the drain (i.e. corn husks, garlic peels, egg shells, pasta)
  3. At least one time every 6 months, place a couple handfuls of ice in the garbage disposal and run it with colder water to clean the impeller assembly
  4. Try periodically grinding lemon or lime rinds in the garbage disposal to keep the disposer smelling clean
 These are some great tips to keep your garbage disposal running properly!
 If the garbage disposal won’t run or does not hum when you turn it on, it may be clogged or due to a power surge. Please check the circuit breaker before submitting request. If problem persists, submit a maintenance request stating the steps you have already taken.